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Booking Conditions



Our company is a service provider in the field of travel and tourism and in particular an accommodation broker. Our goal is to provide you with all necessary information on hotels that we review & propose, so that you are in a position to purchase accommodation through our site. Please note that the properties that we feature have not paid any form of entrance fees. Through our web site, you may also find other travel related products or services offered by partners of ours.

At the moment of purchase, you will receive a provisional booking confirmation with the following message:

Your booking will be confirmed within the next 24 hours.

We will send your final booking confirmation at the preferred email that you give us.

We will contact with the hotel directly in order to confirm the availability of your reservation.
In case that the hotelier will confirm your reservations only on that time and not before your credit or debit card will be charged automatically with the 20% of the final cost that you agreed for this booking, this amount will be your deposit. The remaining balance will be paid directly to the hotel that you booked the last day of your stay.

After the moment that you paid your deposit you are bound by these terms and conditions as the purchase has been completed. The relevant invoice will be sent the working day following the day of your booking. Please note that when you receive the details of your booking it is important that you check them carefully and advise us immediately if any errors have been made. Please note that we hold the right within 48h to cancel your booking if we notice that a loading mistake has been done in terms of price, availability, room type or board type.

Your rights

When a purchase has been completed, the hotel you have selected is obliged to provide you with accommodation as described on your voucher. Please also note that whilst this website endeavours to offer accurate information at all times, certain facilities may occasionally be withdrawn due to low occupancy, to enable repairs to be carried out, or for other valid reasons.

Your obligations

In case you have not paid the relevant invoice, you shall pay it in accordance with the payments schedule. Keep in mind that in case you have not fully paid the price, you are not entitled to the accommodation booked. In case you want to amend or cancel your booking, you are subject to our amendments and cancellation terms. In case you are under aged, you must be escorted by your parents or have a relevant consent sent to us.

Bookings on behalf of Third Parties

In cases where an individual proceeds with bookings on behalf of a third party, we assume that this person has obtained the necessary approval from the third party. We shall therefore assume no liability for any unauthorized use from that person. All communication relevant to those bookings will be with this person.


You are encouraged to arrange for your holiday insurance, as your holiday may be obstructed due to reasons that are beyond our or your control. From time to time you may find a link to a partner of ours in order to get information on insurance policies. However, it is at your absolute disc


All final bookings are due for payment at the time of booking. In case you pay by credit or debit card, we shall automatically process the payment at the time of the final booking. You hereby give us your consent for this procedure. Failure of payment due to unauthorized or improper use of the credit card or any other reason shall result in your booking being cancelled.

Amendments & Cancellations

In case you wish to make changes in your booking, you should keep in mind that at the time of the relevant request, there may be no availability for your amendment requests. Furthermore, the accommodation provider is not obliged to meet your requests. In any case, we shall do our best to assist you in your new request subject to the terms of this agreement. A fixed amendment fee of €20 will be charged. The amendment fee may be increased to include any cost incurred by the accommodation provider for the cancellation in accordance with the provider’s policy.

With regard to cancellations, bear in mind that the cancellation fees will vary depending on the date of cancellation, i.e. the sooner you cancel, the lower the cancellation fees.

Note that amendment charges shall apply only when your requested amendment does not involve change of hotel. In case you wish to change your booking to another hotel, this change shall be considered cancellation of the original booking. If you have completed a booking for more than one persons and one of them wishes to cancel his part, the price of the remaining persons under the same booking may be increased to reflect the fact that the hotel is under-occupied.

As far as we are concerned, we will at all times make all reasonable effort to prevent changes to your booking from the hotels. If, however, the hotel makes a change to your booking or informs us that they cannot provide any booking, we will inform you as soon as possible prior to your departure, but will have no other liability towards you.

In the unlikely event we are advised by a hotel before departure that the accommodation we have allocated to you is no longer available or cannot be provided we will endeavour to provide you with similar accommodation but will have no other liability towards you. If you do not choose to accept that accommodation you can cancel with a full refund but we will have no other liability towards you. If, for whatever reason, a hotel (or supplier) is forced to transfer you to alternative accommodation when you arrive in resort, they will undertake to transfer you to alternative accommodation of equivalent rating to that originally booked but neither they nor we will have any other liability towards you. Please note that if for any reason (for example a significant flight delay or problem with passports) your arrival date or time changes it is vital that the hotel be notified immediately or you will be considered to be a “no show” and your accommodation may be released. Please also note that no refund can be claimed if you stay at the accommodation for a shorter period than that for which you have booked.

We remind you that when staying at a hotel booked via our system, you are bound by the terms and conditions of that hotel. In cases that the hotel management notices any improper conduct from you, they reserve the right to terminate your holiday, and full cancellation charges will apply. In such a case neither the hotel nor we shall have any liability towards you. Furthermore, in case you cause any damage to the hotel or other third party during your stay, you agree to indemnify us in full against any claim that may be raised against us, the local representative or the hotel. We remind you that you are solely liable for all damages caused to the hotel and/or third parties and all expenses incurred during your stay and you have to pay them before departure.

Cancellation date

More than 21 days prior to arrival: you can cancel your reservation free of charge.


15 - 20 days prior to arrival: cancellation fee equal to 30% of the value of the booking


7 - 14 days prior to arrival: cancellation fee equal to 50% of the value of the booking


6 days before arrival: cancellation fee equal to 100% of the value of the booking

Amendment fee

20 Euros

Change of name

Free of charge


Full payment has to be at the time of  final booking


All communication and confirmations between the parties will be done through emails.

Limitation of Liability

We accept no liability for any of the accommodation arrangements, apart from cases where damage to you has been caused due to our negligence. Any claim for recovery from any damage that you may incur during your stay at the facility will have to be raised against the facility owner. The same applies for complaints during your stay in the facility. We assume no liability for any products or services supplied by our partners. When at the facility, any special requests you may have should be made directly to the management of the facility – we cannot warrant that those inquiries will be met.

We do not give any undertaking as to whether a hotel will be able to cater for those who require special diets nor do we give any undertaking as to the suitability of properties for disabled clients. If any member of a party requires a special diet or suffers from a disability appropriate checks should be made before booking to establish that the property chosen is suitable.


If you have any complaints during your stay at the hotel, please try to resolve them immediately by reporting them to the hotel staff. If your problems are not resolved, you can contact the local representative whose details are listed on your voucher. If those problems remain unresolved, please call the agent through whom you booked your holiday in order that they can contact us. If you remain dissatisfied after your holiday ends, please write to your agent within 28 days of your return.

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