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  • Oia village is the so called sunset point of Santorini! Some of the most exquisite hotels, gourmet restaurants, boutiques and cafes are located here.
  • Imerovigli village is the quiet zone of Santorini. All hotels offer the most amazingly breathtaking panoramic views of the island, due to its location at the highest point of the Caldera,
  • Fira, which is the capital, is the most lively place in Santorini with elegant restaurants and cafes overlooking the magical Caldera, as well as a buzzing night life!
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Oia village
Imerovigli village
Fira village
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1. What type of hotel are you looking for?
Honeymoon oriented
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2. The perfect room must have:
Amazing sea view
Outdoor Jacuzzi
Outdoor infinity pool
Private balcony or veranda
King size bed
Wireless internet

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If you are a family or a party of people, select the number of rooms or suites accordingly. This will assist our Luxury Advisors to determine if you require one unit (2 or 3 bedroom suite) or various rooms to accommodate you.

Check in date:
Check out date:
Number of adults:
Number of children:
Room allocation:
Number of Rooms
Single One bedroom suite for 4 guests
Double Two bedroom suite for 4-6 guests
Triple Private villa for all guests

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Luxury Advisor tip:

Santorini is a unique destination with unique hotels. Before choosing your daily budget consider that, no matter if you spend 100 or 1000 Euros per night, the views are just amazing from any hotel and from any veranda. You cannot actually avoid the views in Santorini, they are guaranteed!!! So what you pay for at a Santorinian hotel is the reputation of the hotel, their unique Luxury services, their awarded gourmet cuisine, their Luxury amenities, the location and the privacy of your veranda. The more private your veranda, the more you need to spend!!!

If you want to stay at the upscale hotels, you should consider spending 400-500 Euros per night for the entry level, such as a double or a junior suite and 600-700 Euros for the superior suites. If your budget allows, the special and more private suites and verandas will be at your disposal.

Budget per room per night:

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If you have already started researching hotels in Santorini, let us know which hotels interest you and we will offer you our expert guidance. There are always better deals to explore and numerous alternatives to choose from.

Luxury Santorini hotels

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Perivolas Traditional Apartments Villas Santorini
Luxury Santorini hotels - Walking down the pale grey steps towards the collection of traditional white houses that make up the Santorini Perivolas hotel, you become aware that this retreat is just a little quieter...

Greek Advisor's review for Perivolas Traditional Apartments Villas Santorini

Andronis Luxury Suites in Santorini, Greece
Luxury Santorini hotels - As you enter one of the suites at the Andronis Suites in Santorini Island, your gaze is drawn to the huge bed and deep, soft mattress. As you begin to imagine how good a night’s sleep...

Greek Advisor's review for Andronis Luxury Suites in Santorini, Greece

Santorini Princess Luxury Spa Hotel, Greece
Luxury Santorini hotels - The Santorini Princess Spa hotel stands out amongst other luxury hotels on the island, in that rather than being perched precariously on the cliff face, it’s set on level ground a few meters back...

Greek Advisor's review for Santorini Princess Luxury Spa Hotel, Greece

Mystique Hotel in Santorini Greece
Santorini Luxury hotels - Santorini Island is an island of ‘in’ hotels, especially if you select beautiful Oia as you town-of-choice.  So how does a modern boutique hotel make itself stand out in the company of so many others?  Simple...

Greek Advisor's review for Mystique Hotel in Santorini Greece

Canaves Oia Suites & hotel in Santorini, Greece
Luxury Santorini hotels - When deciding where to stay on the unique island of Santorini, one of the key questions you must ask yourself is whether you are a traditional or contemporary sort of person...

Greek Advisor's review for Canaves Oia Suites & hotel in Santorini, Greece

Astra Suites Hotel Santorini Greece
Santorini Luxury hotels - The small town of Imerovigli may not have the status of the capital, Fira, or the reputation of Oia, yet it's located somewhere in between the two – making access a breeze...

Greek Advisor's review for Astra Suites Hotel Santorini Greece

Homeric poems hotel in Santorini Greece
Small boutique hotels in Santorini - There is much contention surrounding the ancient Greek poet Homer, writer of the Odyssey and Iliad, with many unsure of who he was and whether he alone wrote these incredible works...

Greek Advisor's review for Homeric poems hotel in Santorini Greece

Honeymoon Petra Villas Hotel Santorini
Honeymoon hotels in santorini - The story of the amazing Honeymoon Petra Villas and Apartments hotel starts back in 1992, when its corner of Imerovigli on Santorini was nothing but rock.  Due to the precarious Cliffside spot...

Greek Advisor's review for Honeymoon Petra Villas Hotel Santorini

Displaying 1 - 8 of 17 results


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