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Acropolis, Mykonos
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Mykonos Guide

Mykonos Overview

Make sure you say hello to Petros II, Nikolas or Irene-Irini when you visit Mykonos, as they would be mortally offended if you don’t greet them at least once.  Telling them apart may be a problem, but they don’t seem to mind a little name swapping, and finding them won’t be difficult as three pelicans wandering around a Greek island tend to...
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Arriving on Mykonos

Thanks to some impressive foresight on behalf of the Greek and Mykonian government, buildings on the island must follow certain guidelines concerning their look and colours.  Whitewashed walls and blue doors and shutters are the order of the day and although there are some small deviations (pink instead of blue, cream instead of white) for the most part the traditional designs and colours are maintained, giving a wonderfully authentic Cycladian feel to Mykonos...
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Mykonos Towns

Mykonos town, Hora or even Chora are the names given to the capital of Mykonos.  Hora is its official title, however it has become known as simply Mykonos for some time.  A confusing maze of narrow streets, squares and illogically placed buildings, the navigational nightmare is soon forgotten as visitors are beguiled by its charm.  Each corner you turn leads to new shops, bars, cafes and restaurants and for the most part; more friendly, welcoming...
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Mykonos Beaches

Mykonos town is where everything happens.  Straight or gay, there will be a bar or club to suit and whatever time of the night you choose to go, somewhere will be open and ready to party.  But the town is not for the daytime, and anyone who is not recovering from the night before will be on one of the many, spectacular beaches Mykonos has to offer.  With around twenty to choose from, you could in theory go to a different one each day of your stay, so to help you decide which ones to prioritise, we have some suggestions...
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Must-See's on Mykonos

The island is not exactly brimming with museums and tends to present a more hands-on cultural experience than gazing at treasures behind glass.  Yes there’s a folklore museum and a maritime one too, but anyone wanting to see some proper Greek history would be best advised to take a trip to nearby Delos, the legendary birthplace of Apollo.  A tiny 5km wide, uninhabited Delos is almost entirely covered by archaeological discoveries.  Houses, temples, stadiums and burial grounds, all centuries old, can be seen on this fascinating island.
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Why Mykonos?

Mykonos has obtained some notoriety; a reputation of euro-excess from a constant parade of tanned and gorgeous, straight and gay visitors heading towards the riotous clubs and shameless nude beaches.  But in all honesty, although this may have been the case back in the swingin’ 60’s, today the island has learnt a little restraint and switched from the riotous to the chic and the hedonistic to the cosmopolitan.
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