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Mykonos is one the most exotic Greek isles. Since thousands of years, visitors have been amazed by the beauty and the Venetian influence on the island.
This fabulous isle is part of the South Aegean sea and is one of the famed Cyclades islands of Greece. There are some must-take Mykonos photos during your trip there. We’ve tried compiling a few of the best

  • Windmills at Mykonos – It is the Venetian influence on the town that there are still windmills all around. Take a picture of yourself with a windmill and get remembering Don Quixote!
  • Little Venice – Some of the best Mykonos photos are clicked here. The Venetians left in the 18th century, but they left behind a little part of their city here. That is called Little Venice and is an absolute gem!
  • White Cyclades – Most of Mykonos is White-washed! It contrasts beautifully with the sky and the sea and is a must-have in your Mykonos photo albums.
  • Sunset – As in most of the Cyclades, Mykonos has a splendid sunset! Settle down with your camera beside the sea and you’ll click hundreds of photos of this daily spectacle!
  • Port – Mykonos has one of the most ancient ports in the area and it is mandatory that you click a few of the wonderful quaint port.
  • Cafés – Mykonos has some delightful little cafés and most of them open out onto the beautiful Aegean. Click yourself having a cup of relaxing coffee dreaming at the sea.
  • Paradise beach – As the name suggests, this stretch of beach truly is paradise! Frolic in the water and fill up your Mykonos photo albums.
  • Donkeys – One of the most amazing things about Mykonos is that the local merchants still use donkeys to transport their goods! Stand beside one and get clicked!
  • Colors – Mykonos is a study in contrasts. With white-washed walls contrasting beautifully with blue domes and red spires, this makes for fantastic Mykonos photos.


There are many more actually, like heading up onto a view point and clicking a photo of entire Mykonos, or taking a cruise and photographing the dusk. Explore the island and you will find your collection of Mykonos photos growing by the minute!

Mykonos island Map & photos

Map of Mykonos
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