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Acropolis, Santorini
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Santorini Guide

Santorini Overview

The volcano that has become the focal point for Santorini’s visitors last erupted in 1956, bringing with it a series of devastating earthquakes and causing considerable loss of property and life.  The volcano sleeps today, resting after its centuries-long effort to shape the Aegean to its liking.   During one of its previous 14 or so known eruptions, the amount of magma spewed forth was so great, it caused...
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Arriving on Santorini

Much like other volcanic locations, Santorini can look rather otherworldy.  Deep reds and blacks dominate the colour of the jagged rocks and cliffs; graphite can be found lending a unique ambience to hotels and restaurants and the only thing that seems to grow are the myriad vines that go towards creating Santorini’s varied wines...
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Santorini Towns

The capital of Santorini is Fira, or Firostefani to give it its full name, can be found on the west side of the island atop 800 or so feet of cliff.  At the base of this cliff, accessed by steps, cable car or for the very brave, a donkey; is the islands old port.  Fira is filled with white houses, blue doors and domes, narrow streets that lead to museums, jewelry shops, restaurants and some excellent cafés and bars...
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Good Visiting Times

With the holiday ‘season’ running from late May to late September, you will find most people visit around these dates, however if you want to avoid the crowds and still be able to count on mostly good weather, either end of the season is a good time too.  If you do choose May or September, it can be breezy, so pack a light jacket.  Greek islands tend to be less humid than Athens and mainland Greece, but the temperature remains high in the summer – meaning pale bodies should slap on the factor 15....
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Must-See's on Santorini

Thanks to the wide variety of cultures and civilisations that have contributed to Santorini’s past, there is a plethora of artifacts and treasures spread over the island for us to see and admire today.  At the risk of repeating ourselves, Acrotiri is a must-visit, as is the site of ancient Thira, where remains of both Hellenistic and Roman settlements can be found, along with some 3rd and 4th century monuments...
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Why Santorini?

Describing Santorini as beautiful would be wrong, describing it as deeply impressive and at times, awe-inspiring would be far more accurate.  Just look at the beaches for example, nearby Mykonos has beautiful white, sandy beaches, but Santorini has impressive black and red sandy ones.  The sight of the hotels and houses clinging to the edge of the cliffs is something that is rarely seen and makes for some fantastic photos and hours of simply drinking in the view...
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Photo of Oia, Santorini
Photo of Sunset, Santorini
Photo of The famous red beach, Santorini
Photo of Church at Oia, Santorini
Photo of Sea View, Santorini


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