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Santorini, the southern-most Island of the Cyclades in Greece, is one of the most-celebrated, most-visited and most-photographed island in the world!

The single most popular photograph that immediately is recognizable as Santorini is probably the White churches with Blue domes and spires contrasting against the deep blue of the Aegean Sea!

This unique Cycladic architectural style involving a lot of white-washed buildings makes sure that the photographs you take come out bright and cheerful. There are several amazing vistas in Santorini that are worthy of being photographed and it is common to see hundreds of visitors continuously clicking photos while on their holiday.

Especially of the sunset! Nowhere else in the world is the sunset as amazing or as colorful as in Santorini. And for the sunset in Santorini photos do not do justice! How can you expect to capture the beauty of the sun setting over the volcano and the Caldera in the lens of your camera?? When you see the spectacle in a set of Santorini photos, you feel so amazed! Imagine how beautiful would the spectacle be if seen live!

Another must-photograph place in Santorini is the narrow lanes. In the evenings, during the high season, these little streets are teeming with visitors, all hopping in and out of the curio, jewellery, handicraft and other shops that line the avenues.

There are a lot of Santorini photos taken on stairs! The place has a lot of them – many hotels in Santorini are built on cliffs and therefore are on multi-levels. Going up and coming down is by navigating lots of staircases, giving Santorini an old quaint feeling!

If you have a camera that operates on film rolls, get prepared to buy them by the dozen! And if you have a digital camera working on a memory card, you will still empty it multiple times to get all your memories onto Santorini Photos!

Santorini island Map & Photos

Map of Santorini
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